In the beginning

I began writing a few years ago when hearing loss forced me to retire from teaching drama. It also meant I had to give up acting at the Little Theatre company I’d belonged to for many years. Being unable to hear cues doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in your fellow actors! I decided, having used the words of others in both of these capacities, to  fill this enormous gap by trying to pen some words of my own. I was lucky enough to find a brilliant creative writing group with a wonderful teacher and I now write each day. My newfound hobby has become something of an addiction – I was even lucky enough to get my first novel published in 2018! As my work grows it seems sensible to put it all in one place. I began with this blog but have now changed to a website, where I’d love you to join me.  Details of  my novel ‘CRASH’, along with other short stories and poems can now be found at