Princess Ruby and the Forest Animals


Princess Ruby and the Forest Animals

By Nanny with the help of her grandchildren

Ethan and Morgan

Princess Ruby of Unicornia was cross. In fact Princess Ruby of Unicornia was VERY cross. It was her birthday and the one thing she wanted, more than anything else in the world, she hadn’t been given. She was a Princess for goodness sake; she should have everything that she asked for surely! Everyone she knew had the latest X-box after all!

“It’s not fair,’’ she moaned as she sat sulking in her bedroom, “even POOR people get what they ask for – but I’ll teach them, I’ll show them! I’ll run away and then they’ll be sorry!’’

Princess Ruby crept down the palace’s long spiral staircase, taking care not to step onto the creaky stair. She then ran out into the huge palace garden. She ran quickly across the lawn, past her tree house and into the shrubbery. On and on she ran until she came to a part of the garden she had never been into before, as it was out of bounds to her.

“So what,’’ she thought, “if they hadn’t be so mean to me I would have obeyed the rules! Why should I do what they ask when they don’t give me what I ask for!’’

On she ran, getting deeper and deeper into the forest, until soon she found tall trees surrounding her. Soon she became too breathless to go on any further, and so she stopped running and started to look around.

Not feeling quite as confident as she had earlier she sat down at the foot of a tree to think.

“I’ll just wait here for a little while until they miss me.’’ she said to herself. “It shouldn’t be long before they come looking for me.’’

She curled up in the leaves at the base of the tree to wait and it wasn’t long before she had fallen asleep!

Suddenly a noise awoke her and she noticed the sky that she could just glimpse above the tree-tops, was beginning to grow very dark. Feeling more than a little frightened she dug her mobile phone out of her pocket and decided that perhaps it was time for her to swallow her pride and to ring her parents for help.

“I suppose I’d better call them – although they can’t love me much if they haven’t missed me yet!’’ she mumbled to herself.

As she looked down she realised she hadn’t got a signal on her mobile phone! OH NO! What was she going to do now! She buried her face in her hands and began to cry softly and as she did so a rabbit popped his little head out of a hole nearby. Then another, followed by another, until she was surrounded by worried looking furry faces with twinkling black eyes.

An owl came to perch above her on the branch of the big tree. “Too-wit-Too-woo! What’s up with her,’’ he asked the rabbits.

“I don’t know,’’ said Rita the biggest rabbit, “but she sure makes a lot of noise! I was getting the little ones up ready for a scamper in the forest and heard her sniffing and sobbing.’’

“I’ll ask her,’’ whispered the deer, “she won’t be frightened of me, everyone loves Bambi.’’ Bambi walked slowly across to Princess Ruby.

“Hush my dear, what’s the matter?’’ spoke Bambi softly, as she brushed her brown velvety fur across the Princesses face to dry her tears, “Why are you crying?’’

The Princess told the animals how she had run away and become lost in the forest and they all sat around her feet listening to her story.

“Well,’’ cooed Dilly Dove “It sounds to me as if you are a bit spoilt my girl, no one can have everything they want and you seem to have plenty anyway.’’

“Too-wit-Too-woo!’’ hooted Olly Owl, “If my children behaved like you they would feel the back of my wing,’’ he said, his large golden eyes looking enormous in the moonlight.

“Oh, don’t be too cross with her,’’ said Betsy Badger, who had emerged from her set to see what all the noise was about. “My children are always doing silly things but they don’t mean to.’’

“We’ll look after you little girl,’’ Bambi said softly, “until someone comes to find you. We’ll let you share our food and keep you warm during the night if you snuggle into our furry coats.’’

Just then they all heard a noise!

“HIDE,’’ shouted Freddy Fox who had been standing on guard. “It’s Lumberjack Joe cutting down our trees and setting traps to capture us once again!’’

All the animals disappeared into their homes, while terrified Princess Ruby hid behind the big tree. Just then she heard a loud whisper right behind her.

“Shhh! Stay well hidden! Don’t move a muscle! Don’t worry about me, I’ll not harm you! My name is TomTom and I’m here to protect all the animals,’’ said an urgent voice in Ruby’s ear.

However the Princess had already let out a frightened squeal of surprise and Lumberjack Joe had heard her and had quickly approached her hiding place behind the tree!

Quick as a flash TomTom came from his hiding place and the two men stood facing each other. Lumberjack Joe was tall as a giant! He was ten feet tall with big bulging muscles, which were covered with tattoos. TomTom was much smaller and was no match for the giant but he had a big brave heart and was determined to protect the Princess and the animals at all cost.

“Leave the girl alone,’’ TomTom shouted, “she hasn’t done anything to you!’’

“Hahaha!’’  Lumberjack Joe’s wicked laugh echoed around the forest. “Don’t think you can frighten me little man!’’

TomTom lurched himself at Lumberjack Joe who threw him to the ground with one hand. TomTom got up and tried again but the giant was too strong for him. Again and again he tried but the giant only laughed at him!

Then there was a hum of wings as bats whizzed around the giants head, throwing him off balance. The Nightjar family also flew in from their hiding place, dropping their poo, which went into the giant’s eyes, so that he couldn’t see. Olly Owl swooped down next and with his vicious beak he attacked the giant!

With the air attack over the land animals came forward, beginning with Harry Hedgehog, who tried to prickle Lumberjack Joe’s bare feet – but Lumberjack Joe was far too quick for Harry and he kicked him high up into the air like a football.

Without a thought for her own safety Princess Ruby ran in to help Harry before he could be kicked again and she picked him up, not caring that his prickles dug into her fingers. All she knew was that Harry was squealing in pain and he needed her help! She wrapped him in her cardigan while she made him a nest from moss and leaves to lie in, while the foxes, baring their fierce teeth, guarded her. The deer family were very angry now that Harry had been hurt and they moved in, kicking and lashing out wildly with their strong hooves. A male deer rushed in to help, and by using his huge antlers he tossed the giant onto the air.

“Stop! Mercy! Please stop! Let me go!’’ pleaded the giant.

“Only if you promise to go away and never to return again,’’ shouted TomTom.

“I promise! I promise!’’ cried Lumberjack Joe as he lumbered off rubbing his bottom.

“You were wonderful, all of you!’’ smiled a delighted Princess Ruby, as she stroked Harry Hedgehog’s nose, “especially you TomTom. Your bravery saved us all!’’

The animals all crowded around TomTom cheering and shouting their thanks.

“We all worked together,’’ said brave TomTom, “I couldn’t have done it without you. I love you all!’’

Just then they all noticed that Princess Ruby had started crying again.

“What’s the matter,’’ said TomTom gently as he put his arm around her.

“I feel so awful TomTom. You all look after each other and protect each other and all I can do is run off because I don’t get my own way! I bet my parents are worried sick trying to find me – but I don’t know how to get home!’’

“Don’t worry Ruby, I’ll help you. You helped us too you know. I don’t know what would have happened to Harry if you hadn’t rushed in to protect him! I’m very good at finding my way, just leave it to TomTom. I’ll guide you back home if you’ll just tell me where you live Ruby?’’

Princess Ruby told him she was the Princess of Unicornia and she lived at the palace and after saying thank you and goodbye to all the animals, they set off.

You can imagine how pleased the King and Queen were to see their daughter safe and sound and how grateful they were to TomTom for rescuing her. They told him he could ask for anything he wanted as a reward.

TomTom thought hard. “Please, Your Majesty’s, could I ask for a ‘Laser Protection Zone’ around the forest, to protect the animals from any more cruelty. They helped your daughter to get home just as much as I did.’’

TomTom’s wish was granted – and because you can’t finish a fairy story without a happy ending, you will be pleased to know that the animals never saw Lumberjack Joe again and their forest was protected ‘by Royal Appointment’ from that day on. Princess Ruby and TomTom fell in love and they were soon married and all the animals and all the birds of the forest were invited to be ‘royal guests of honour’ at the wonderful wedding feast which was held at the Palace.

MORAL – Appreciate what you have!

The End