I put flowers on their graves today


I put flowers on their graves today,

Recapturing Christmases past.

I recall decorating the house on Christmas Eve

Feeling excitement dancing inside – Hearing over exuberant children calling.

Now parents themselves looking to amuse their own

Creating new memories.

As life goes on.


Taking out decorations

Trigger more reflections – visions flooding my brain

More magical moments,

Images I can’t let go –

Won’t let go!

The singing snowman

‘Mr White Christmas’.

Santa sacks – now torn and threadbare

The warm smell of home-made fudge.

Sights, sounds, smells –

Christmas past.

Yet, also Christmas present!

Memories won’t stand still.

This year more will be made,

More to delight and treasure forĀ our tomorrows.

I put flowers on their graves today.