The Two Sides of Jonathan Apple


The sun shines bright on Jonathan,
His red cheeks glow with health.
Round and glossy, golden skin,
Fragrant aroma and deep brown eyes,
Sweet tempered to the core.
Born to please,
Born to give pleasure,
Born to be savoured!
BUT …………………….
Jonathan can be crabby too,
He can be sour when life treats him badly.
He can feel hurt, his pride bruised,
He needs to be treated with care.
Because Jonathan, like us all has two sides.
His bruised side shows a new light – a new life,
So very different from his sweet and easy going one!
This Jonathan has sparkle.
This Jonathan has drive!
This Jonathan makes all that he meets feel good.
This Jonathan is fizzing with life.
This is his fun side – er.



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