The Chosen One


Amid birch top branches the Cuckoo sits surveying,
Eyes firmly fixed upon the Chosen One.
Within seconds she swoops, this brood parasite,
Replacing the host egg with one of her own.
The Imposter!
Marvelously mimicking the discarded one.
Shirking parental responsibility
She drops the chosen one to the ground.
Shell crushed, this scrawny, unfeathered, yellow-beaked embryonic monstrosity,
It’s frog-like body twitching,
Eyes big, black, bulging,
Tiny heart pulsating,
Lies helpless on the ground.
Thrown out
Life only just beginning
Too miniscule to move, to crawl away to die.
Even it’s own mother wont miss it.
Stupid, ignorant mother bird
Don’t you know your baby needs you?
How can you be so easily fooled?
Surely you can see it’s bigger than your own.
Even you must feel a mother’s love.
Oh imposter, when you hatch
And throw your siblings to the ground
Won’t you feel guilt?
Or are your murderous actions so inbred?
Is it in our breeding too?
Is this yellow-eyed evil she monster simply looking after her own?
Is she in fact being strong?
Sacrificing another to protect her own,
Giving the best possible start in life she can.
Turning her back on what she loves
For a better life, a better start.
Who are we to judge?



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